Professional Lawn Mower

We offer the right lawn mower for every requirement

Enjoyment of the work through satisfaction with the result. All lawns are not equal – whether short, long, dense, damp or uneven: At AS-Motor you’ll find what you need! We offer the right mower for every requirement: With cutting widths from 45 to 53 cm, you always handle the work quickly and precisely to a growth height of 40 cm.

Quite conveniently with four-wheel drive and reverse gear, or with side discharge or rear discharge – you will find an AS-Motor mower that precisely meets your requirements, at your authorized AS-Motor dealer.

AS 53 2T 4WD

AS 53 2T 4wd professional lawn mower

Use Four-Wheel Drive! The only four-wheel lawn mower in its class, the AS 53 4WD sets the course.  Defy narrow road-side ditches, hilly ground, embankments and mountain slopes!  Four-wheel drive […]

AS 53 2T 4WD RB

AS 53 2T 4wd professional lawn mower

All Wheel Drive – Plus Reverse! Unique in its class, this AS 53 has 4-wheel drive plus reverse gear.  Make optimal headway when other mowers have reached their limit – […]

AS 470 2in1 4T

AS 470 universal 4t lawn mower

The handy side-discharge mower The AS 470 combines the proven construction of our mulching mowers with an effective side-discharge.  Front wheels with ball bearings, solid drive wheels and handle height […]

AS 531 2T MK B

Lightweight and Agile 20% less weight guarantees professional handling and outstanding performance.  The AS 531 comes with stable and weight-optimised steel construction, reduced hand-arm vibration thanks to the Vibration Protect […]

AS 531 4T MK B

Despite stable steel construction, this mower weighs 20% less. The reduction of hand-arm vibration, apowerful Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engine and the flexible blade clutch are also impressive. The operating concept is unique: regulate drive and blade clutch with one hand, while the other hand controls and locks speed via the Varioshift lever.