The first ride-on mower with remote control

For over 50 years, AS-Motor has consistently developed new technologies to enhance and expand its range of mowers.  We are now proud to present a new prototype: the Sherpa RC (Remote-Control), a ride-on mower with remote control.

Long grass, steep slopes!

Mowing in steep, difficult terrain has always been a challenge for machine and operator alike.  The AS-Motor AS 940 Sherpa and AS 940 Sherpa XL ride-on multi-purpose mowers were specifically developed for use under these conditions.  Equipped with 22hp four-wheel drive, differential lock and a cross-blade cutting system, the Sherpa can cut high grass and scrub on terrain where other mowers have long since admitted defeat.  The Sherpa also has a surfing mower deck to adjust for uneven terrain.

Ride-on multi-purpose mowers are a convenient and economical way to mow sloping ground.  However, there are always areas where mowing is extremely uncomfortable for the driver: steep slopes, loose ground, under trees and bushes, along hedges, through stinging nettles or near wasps’ nests.  Sometimes the unevenness of the terrain results in unpleasant vibrations.

That is why AS-Motor has added another important function to its Sherpa ride-on mower: remote-controlled mowing.  This feature optimizes the mowing experience no matter the terrain.  For example, you can mow:

  • across large areas and between obstacles in ride-on mode
  • on steep slopes or below low-hanging branches using remote control

With a range of up to 1,000 feet, this machine’s professional remote-control system permits efficient mowing at a safe distance and without any unpleasant noise or exhaust fumes to worry about.  Thanks to the new, remote-controlled Sherpa RC, users now benefit from more versatility, a larger working range and, most importantly, enhanced safety.